Libby Bawcombe

Creative Leader / Product Design and User Research Redesign

responsive features, templates and verticals relaunched a responsive redesign that featured a flexible homepage layout where editors can mix and match several variations of high-impact or dense story modules. We also created multiple article templates for feature stories, medium-length reads and quick hits.

Notes is a less formal, blog-style space for ongoing stories, reader feedback and author debates. Notes is a great place for devoted readers to check in frequently to see what's brewing at The Atlantic.

Projects, in their previous iteration as special reports, didn’t feel so special since they were unavailable on the mobile site. In addition to a responsive relaunch, we created graphics packages that appear throughout the site to draw readers into these collections.

Be sure to check out the Responsive Web Design podcast where we talked about's redesign with Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte.

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